Slum Film Festival 2015

Slum Film Festival is the first ever film platform-featuring stories from slums, about slum realities and made by filmmakers from the slums in Africa – and beyond. It is a celebration of the creativity of filmmakers living and working in slums. It is also an opportunity to show a wide range of films within slum communities with limited or no access to cinema.

There are numerous international film festivals around the world, but the Slum Film Festival is exceptional in its mission to be celebrated within slums, and its dedication to sharing slum stories. More than just a festival, it is aiming to become an international film platform for young independent voices and established filmmakers from and around Africa.

The festival will award winners from nominated entries by the panel of judges in the following categories;

  1. Best Contemporary African Film
  2. Best Documentary Film
  3. Best Short Film (narrative)
  4. Best Community News Piece
  5. Judges Choice Award
  6. People’s Choice Category
  7. Best Original Screenplay

In addition to offering prestige and exposure as a reward to filmmakers, SFF will offer a trophy, a certificate and prizes in cash or in-kind awards.