Out of My Hand

Showtime: Regal Cinemas

Date: Jun 12 2015      Time: 6:00PM
Date: Jun 14 2015      Time: 11:10 AM

Cisco is a devoted husband and father who toils every day on a rubber tree plantation, doing grueling, backbreaking work that pays just enough to make ends meet. When Cisco and his co-workers attempt to form a union, he loses his job and decides to follow in his cousin’s footsteps by leaving Liberia to become a cab driver in NYC. Soon his past catches up to him and he must face the old demons he’s tried to bury as well as new challenges that only life in America — and especially New York — can create. Stunningly lensed across two continents and bolstered by a magnetic performance from discovery Bishop Blay, Takeshi Fukunaga’s feature debut, co-written with filmmaking partner Donari Braxton, is an understated and contemplative portrait of perseverance against the odds.
-Mark Maynard

Out of My Hand
US Fiction Competition
(2014 , 86 min.)
Directed by: Takeshi Fukunaga
Screenwriter: Takeshi Fukunaga, Donari Braxton
Producers: Donari Braxton, Mike Fox
Cinematographer: Ryo Murakami, Owen Donovan
Editor: Eugene Yi, Takeshi Fukunaga
Music: Tyondai Braxton

Cast: Bishop Blay, Zenobia Taylor, Duke Murphy Dennis, David Roberts, Shelley Molad