Look Again – By Wanjiru M. Njendu

In Look Againtwo women struggle to come to terms with the tragic consequences of an accident. Fiona (Lauren Neal) wakes up in a hospital obviously badly injured and feeling abandoned and alone and not remembering what brought her to this point. She lashes out at Anna (Simone Cook), who is forced to reveal the horrifying truth.

Written by Carole Ndutah Keingati

Produced by Cher Lytle.

Produced and Directed by Wanjiru Njendu


“Look Again is a thought-provoking film that packs quite the punch for a film that runs just shy of nine minutes in its entirety. The film is led by the strong performances of co-leads Lauren Neal and Simone Cook along with the complex yet satisfyingly resolved story created by Carole Nduta Keingati. While the film does occasionally show its low-budget foundation, it’s a film that will leave you thinking and feeling by the time the closing credits roll.”

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic

The film picked up the Best Diaspora Award at the Kenya Film & TV Awards, while also having screenings at L.A. Shorts Fest, New Filmmakers Los Angeles, New York’s Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival and several other film festivals.

For more information visit the film’s website www.lookagainthefilm.com