Sade Oyinade

Sade is a producer and director based in Los Angeles. She is currently a Senior Producer on TV One’s award winning series ʺUnsungʺ. Raised by Nigerian parents in the suburbs of Washington, DC, Sade was always fascinated by the worlds created in movies and on television and wanted to find her way in. In grade school, she considered a career as a stunt woman! But Sade soon realized her heart was in producing, so she choose to study film and television at American University in Washington, DC. After graduation, she moved to Los Angeles, where she began working on a number of documentary, reality television and film productions. Early on she worked on reality shows including ʺThe Simple Lifeʺ, ʺAmerica’s Next Top Modelʺ and ʺStarting Overʺ and the feature film ʺAscension Dayʺ before she found her niche in documentary television.

Sade’s current show ʺUnsungʺ, is a music documentary that profiles the lives and careers of R&B, funk and hip hop artists. The series, which airs on TV One, was the recipient of the NAACP Image Awards for three consecutive years from 2011 to 2013. For this show, Sade has produced episodes profiling artists like Bootsy Collins, Martha Wash, Mint Condition, Johnny Gill and many more. She has had the opportunity to interview musicians and other celebrities including Kenny ʺBabyfaceʺ Edmonds, Kelly Price, Steve Harvey, Debbie Allen, Snoop Dogg, Arsenio Hall, Michael Eric Dyson, Barry Bonds, Joe Morton and many others. In addition to ʺUnsungʺ, Sade is also a producer of the documentaries ʺUnsung Hollywoodʺ and ʺCelebrity Crime Filesʺ. Prior to these programs, Sade worked on the BET documentary series, “American Gangster”.

Recently, Sade has begun taking on films as well. She produced and directed a short called ʺWho Do You Know?ʺ that explores HIV/AIDS through the eyes of African American teens. Sade first became passionate about AIDS after working on a documentary about AIDS conspiracies. The alarming statistics in the African American community in particular struck a cord within her, which led to volunteer work with AIDS Healthcare Foundation in Los Angeles and eventually partnering with Women Alive Coalition to produce a film. Her goal is to use this film to educate all teens around the world and open up a dialogue about safe sex and sexually transmitted disease in communities that don’t often discuss this topic.

Sade is currently in pre-production on a film adaptation of a novel written by Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant. She aims to continue to produce engaging stories that explore our history, show a broad spectrum of African and African American life and examine themes that resonate with her community.