Rodney Charles

Rodney Charles is an award winning writer, filmmaker and actor. He is the writer, producer of ‘Once Upon A Time’ a BBC short drama and winner of the Greater London Arts award. Rodney is also writer, director & co-producer of ‘The Disciple’ winner of Best New Director honorable mention at the Pan African Film Festival 2008. Rodney completed ‘African Cowboy’, a western he wrote, directed and produced, shot on location in Namibia 2012. As an actor Rodney has collaborated with directors including Wim WendersMike Figgis & Antoine Fuqua. His Acting has been balanced with a career as an international male model represented by the FORD Model Agency resulting in Rodney’s exposure to diverse global cultures and an acute understanding of how film, imagery and advertising impact on self-awareness and identity globally. Heavily influencing his dynamic and original collection of trans-cultural, socially conscious and internationally relevant feature screenplays.