Olukayode Olubunmi

Olukayode Olubunmi started working in media and entertainment as an undergraduate at the University of Ibadan with BCOS, a state owned radio and television station as a freelance broadcaster and after college at DBN, a private television station in Lagos Nigeria as a Newscaster and Entertainment Producer from where he founded OKAYHOUSE as a multimedia promotion, production and distribution company over a decade ago, the high point of which was the distribution of The Passion of the Christ and many other properties in Nigeria.

He has worked as a magazine editor, music director and Senior Vice President (A&R) at a music production company. He is also an actor (lead roles in movies, serials and sitcom), director, singer (three albums) and multi instrumentalist. His formal education includes Industrial Engineering, Business Administration; Media Enterprise; and The Business and Management of Entertainment at UCLA.

Olukayode is very passionate about leaving his world better than he met it. His passion is to be positive, proactive, productive and progressive, no matter what.