Michael Brandon Falk

Michael Brandon Falk

Michael Brandon Falk is an international creator who loves variety. His goal is to work in international film markets as an actor. Specifically, he plans to act in films in West Africa.

He has written, produced, and starred in several short films including: Quatre Heures, Giant Justice, Crush, Fragile Future, Response, Refresh, and Captain and the Bird Screecher.

He has also preformed in Theater and has studied at the Beverly Hills Playhouse and Groundlings. He has written and performed several rap songs under the name ALLuminum.

There are several urgent needs in this world. As a follower of the Way of Jesus, it is very important to Brandon to change mindsets and culture on a global scale. Specifically he wants to bring attention and change to the issue of Human Trafficking.

Find out more about Brandon on his website: www.MichaelBrandonFalk.com

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