Mala Ownes-Lemnah

Mala Owens - Agent

Mala Ownes-Lemnah, is the owner of M.O. Artist Agency, which is a full service boutique agency representing newborns through young adults and families. Founded in 2011, M.O. Artist Agency represents clients from all over Southern California, San Diego and San Francisco. Mala has placed talent in visible television shows, such as American Horror Story, Gray’s Anatomy, Game Shakers, Jane the Virgin, Shameless, The Jimmy Kimmel Show, General Hospital and commercials, such as Home Depot, Lowes, Wendy’s, Burger King, Target, Ford, Whirlpool, among many others. Mala represents talent across the board for TV/Film, print and commercials.

M.O. Artist Agency is committed to offering superior talent representation for its talent, while continually striving for the creation of greater opportunities. They have 2 agents on staff, with over 18 years of experience in the entertainment industry.

Mala, a former model herself, is the Hollywood Mom of two child actors: Jordan Lemnah, who played Matilda on The Young & The Restless for over two years, and worked on commercials for Google and The Palm as well as print work for Baxter, and Jeremiah Taylor, who has done print work for Coke, Knott’s Berry Farm, Baxter and Verizon. As the mother of child performers, Mala is familiar with the business on both sides and her clients benefit from this insight into how to succeed.

M.O. Artist Agency follows California State laws for the employment of minor actors, and ensures their clients are being treated fairly.

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