Zora DeHorter

Zora is an independent film, television and commercial CASTING DIRECTOR. She has cast such films as “Ali G InDa House”, “Species III”, “Once Fallen” starring Ed Harris, Taraji P. Henson, Peter Weller, Sharon Gless and twenty-four other fabulous actors! “Once Fallen” won best director (Ash Adams) at the Los Angeles Film Festival in 2010. She followed that with “Sushi Girl” in which she attached Danny Trejo, Mark Hamill, Michael Biehn, Todd Todd, Jeff Fahey.

Zora had a stint as a casting consultant on an MGM feature about a dog (“Max”) and the three kids that save the day!

End of 2014 Zora cast a pragmatic gritty urban tale about Latino gangs set in East Los Angeles called “I Am Gangster”. This film proved to be a challenging yet gratifying experience casting sixty-six speaking roles. Then she finished off the year with a martial arts themed feature “The King’s Rook” (also known as “Untitled Livi Zheng Project”).

She has projects in development, such as an Urban dramedy set in strip club called “Tequila Rose” in which actors interested in participating include Dennis Haysbert (role of “Detective Jones”) and John Cho (role of “Jimmy”); “Becker’s Farm” is the true account of POWs brought in from Germany in the late 1940s to be farm workers in the MidWest; “To the Very Gates” a period piece set in WWII Germany; to name a few. So 2015 looks to be an exciting time for Zora!

Zora has also made a name for herself as an ACTING COACH. She coaches actors as they prepare for auditions. Her clients have included Neil Dickson, Hannah Cowley, Oliver Trevena, Darren Darnborough, Terence Beesley, Samuel Caruana to name a few!

Zora is represented by Stacey Castro (stacey@staceycastromedia.com) and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

SCREENPLAYED KL Global Productions
Producer: Jay Xudan
Director: Ross Otterman
Cast: TBD
Producer: Jason Smith
Director: Arthur Romeo
Cast: offers out
BECKER’S FARM Noble House Entertainment Pictures
Producers: Debi Roemmich, Don Driftmier
Director: Mark Roemmich
Cast: Jeffrey Pierce, Rachel Blanchard, Chad Lindberg, Jack Scalia
Producers: Ash Adams, Roger M. Mayer
Director: Ash Adams
Cast: Bill Sage, Jesse Garcia, Don Harvey
THE KING’S ROOK Stellar Films
Producer: Zane Thomas
Director: Livi Zheng
Cast: Tony Todd, John Savage, Keith David, Madeline Zima
I AM GANGSTER Reflektiv Film Group
Producer: Ralf Weinfurtner
Director: Moritz Rechenberg
Cast: Marlene Forte, Alex Ortiz, Gloria Garayua, Jesse Medeles
KATIE’S STORY Aegis Faith Films
Producers: Arianna Eisenberg, Frank Capra III,
Director: Michael Schroeder
Cast: Cheryl Ladd, Michael Biehn
CROSSMAGLEN Aegis Film Group
Producers: Arianna Eisenberg, Steve Shultz
Director: Kevin Connor
Cast: Ben Kingsley, Michael Gambon, Vinnie Jones, Saffron Burrows
TWO WOLVES Remember Dreaming Productions
Additional Credit: Co Producer Producers: Chris W. Freeman, Stan Spry, Justin L. Jones
Director: Alex Wright
Cast: Shane West, AnnaLynne McCord, Malcolm McDowell
VANISHED Capture Film International
(Short) Producers: Corina Danckwerts, Darya Danesh, Jan Doleschel
Director: Simon Beckman
Cast: Cameron Richardson, Mark Ralston, Scott Elrod
SEANCE Berkshire Axis Media
Producers: John G. Carbone, Mark Sanders, Chris Webster
Director: Alex Wright
Cast: Bobby Campo, Nazneen Contractor, Chris Olivero
SUSHI GIRL Triforce Media Group
Additional Credit: Co Producer Producers: Suren Soren, Destin Pfaff, Neal Fischer
Director: Kern Saxton
Cast: Tony Todd, Mark Hamill, Michael Biehn, Danny Trejo
The APOCALYPSE… Starving Film Students / Dakka Films
ACCORDING TO DORIS Producer: Cathleen Alexander
Additional Credit: Co Producer Director: Victor Goss
Cast: Jaime Gomez, Elise Robertson, Donna Pieroni
The SECOND TIME Noble House Entertainment Pictures
Producers: Sean Connors, Don Driftmier, Lorraine Fennell
Director: Mark Roemmich
Cast: Mario Van Peebles, Michael Biehn, Cloris Leachman
BIG MONEY RUSTLAS Short Dog Productions
Producers: Bill Dail, Chris Kraft, Zora A. Wolter
Director: Paul Andresen
Cast: Insane Clown Posse, Brigitte Nielsen, Todd Bridges, Vanilla Ice
HOTEL CALEDONIA New Black Productions / Oceanstorm Films
Producer: Yaw A. Basoah
Director: Nicholas David Lean
Cast: Kelly Brook, Billy Boyd
ONCE FALLEN Bravado Pictures / Once Fallen LLC
Additional Credit: Assoc Producer Producers: Amy Madigan, Shannon Gardner, Derek Beumer
Director/Writer: Ash Adams
Cast:   Ed Harris, Taraji P. Henson, Peter Weller, Alison Eastwood
Producers: Lorraine Fennell, Edra Blixseth
Director/Writer: Mark Roemmich
Cast:   Janine Turner, Joanna Pacula, Bill Smitrovich, Christopher McDonald
The HEAVY Contraption Ltd., and ME Films, LLC
Producers: John Cairns, Mark Cellier
Director/Writer: Marcus Warren
Cast:   Stephen Rea, Vinnie Jones, Shannyn Sossamon, Sadie Frost
BLACK OPS Dead Water Project, LLC
(fka “DEADWATER”) Producers: John Daly, Mark C. Thomas, Ethan Wiley, Andrew Ackerman
Director: Roel Reine
Cast: Lance Henriksen, Gary Stretch
Producers: Dylan Shields, Reuben Lim, Robert Zimmer
Director/Writer: Jennifer Phang
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OM Freshew Films
(short) Producer: Brandi Tufenkjian, Gina Amoroso
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Cast: David Kelsey
LOVING ANNABELLE Evolution Seeker Productions & Asylum Entertainment
Producers: Greg Carroll, Jennifer Young, Tiffany Reis
Director: Katherine Brooks
Cast: Eva Amurri, Laura Breckenridge, Kevin McCarthy, Morgan Fairchild
SOLACE Glass House Productions
(short) Producer: Justin DeNino, Juan Melendez, Andrew Kelly
Director: Jonah Salander
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TAYLOR (fka “R.I.P.”) Noble House Entertainment
Producer: Lorraine Ferrell
Director: Mark Roemmich
Cast: Scarlett Chorvat, Jack Scalia, Liz Torres, Joan Severance
CHE GUEVARA Guerilla Works
Producers: Sergio D’Amato, Joshua Evans, Steak Haus
Director: Joshua Evans
Cast: Eduardo Noriega, Sonia Braga, Enrico Lo Verso, Paula Graces
SPECIES III SaraFilm Productions, Inc. & MGM Home Entertainment
Producers: Frank Mancuso Jr., David Dwiggins
Director: Brad Turner
Cast: Natasha Henstridge, Robin Dunne, J.P. Pitoc, Robert Knepper
VENDETTA: Shooting Spree Films
NO CONSCIENCE, NO MERCY Producers: Ed Hunt, Julian Valdes
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MOVING ALAN Roadkill Productions, Inc.
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COCK & BULL STORY Bailey Hayes Productions
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Producers: Frank Kaminski, Ulrich Steihm
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ALI G INDAHOUSE Working Title Films
L.A. Casting
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DID YOU EVER ?… Ziegler Film & Company
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JANE BOND Trillion Entertainment
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Director: Percy Adlon
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CONVERSATION W. EINSTEIN Half Hour Pilot Presentation
Mac FilmWorks
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Director: Richard Mann
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MARLENE REDUX: Presentation
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Shared Credit
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BAR CAR Half Hour Pilot
Showtime Television
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Season 1 Producers: Jeff Reno, Ron Osborn, David Calloway, Vince Manze
Season 2 Producers: Tony Blake, Paul Jackson, David Calloway, Vince Manze
Directors: Various (including John Kretchmer, Michael Zinberg, Bethany Rooney)
Shared Credit
Cast: Natasha Henstridge, Carlos Jacott, Kristen Miller, Cameron Daddo
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MGM / Showtime
Producers: Bryan Fuller, Hank Cohen, Clancy Collins
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Shared Credit
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JEREMIAH Two Hour Pilot / Hour Series
MGM / Showtime
Producers: J. Michael Straczynski, Sam Egan
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Shared Credit
Cast: Luke Perry, Macolm-Jamal Warner, Sean Astin
ANDROMEDA Episode: “Be All My Sins Remembered”
Hour Series, 2nd Season
Tribune Entertainment/Fireworks Entertainment
Syndicated Canadian TV
Producer: Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Director: Allan Eastman
Guest Star Casting
STARGATE SG-1 Episode: “2010”
Hour Series, 8th Season
MGM / Showtime
Producers: Brad Wright, N. John Smith
Director: Andy Mikita
Guest Star Casting
Producer: Jasper Thomlinson
Director: Steve Murageshie
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Producer: Keeley Gould
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Cast: Ione Skye
Producer: Brendan King
Cast: Toshiji Takeshima, Yun Choi
INDEMAND “Movies-On-Demand Awards Season”
Thornberg & Forester
Producers: Cathleen Alexander, Liz Kiehner
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OOMA Infomercial
Producers: David Unitan, Joe Miyano
Director: Craig Knizek
Cast: E. Lesley Youngblood, Bill Devlin, Stephanie Huller, Will Kennedy
MSI LAPTOP “AcroButtocks” [Job #20933]
Producer: Cathleen Alexander
Director: Joe & Amy Matsushima
Cast: Stephan Gregory, Rickey Castleberry, Caleb Strul
COURIR “Courir Foot Wear”
Producer: Jasper Thomlinson
Director: Ruben Fleischer
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RAPID ARC “Varian”
Producers: Steve Barry, Joe Braswell, Robert Gurley
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CAFEPRESS.COM “The Ungiftables”
Producers: Steve Barry, Joe Braswell, Robert Gurley
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PERRICONE MD “Dr. Perricone MD”
Producers: Steve Barry, Joe Braswell, Robert Gurley
Director: Kevin Stipe
Cast: Dana Jex