John Wesley

John Wesley, belongs to a “fraternity” of actors, rooted deeply in the American theatre with a strong educational background, stemming from a life-long history of activism, social reform and a tenacious respect for the Craft…A consummate veteran of stage, television and film.

Speaker Series: June 2013, with Robert Guillaume

John Wesley said that he and Robert Guillaume are co-authoring a book on the subject, and will be doing a book tour once it’s published. They welcome all attendees and everyone who is interested in these issues of creating robust, valid roles for people of color and how to take creative control of your career.

Mr. Wesley also pointed out the importance of entrepreneurship and gave the example of hip hop artists and rappers, who initially sold and promoted their music out the trunks of their cars because radio stations refused to play their songs. However, once record companies and radio stations saw how much of an audience and market share these rappers had built, they changed their minds and played their music. As we all know, hip hop and rap artists and their ancillary businesses are highly influential and successful – financially and artistically.