Darrien Michele Gipson – African Artists’ Association Guest Speaker

Darrien Michele Gipson

Darrien Michele Gipson

An M.F.A. recipient from the Peter Stark Producer’s Program at USC, as well as a USC President Samples Fellows, a university honors program for Community Service, Darrien Michele Gipson was formerly the Vice President of Production for DEF Pictures, where she shepherded such films as Gridlock’d and How to be a Player.

Darrien Michele Gipson began her career at SAGindie as the Event Coordinator, where she traveled throughout the country to festivals, educating filmmakers on SAG-AFTRA’s low budget contracts and all ensuing budgetary and distribution concerns. She visited more than 25 states, 3 countries, and over 55 festivals to consult with independent filmmakers. Yes, she has a lot of frequent flyer miles. No, she isn’t sharing them.

As the National Director of SAGindie, Darrien Michele Gipson is responsible for just about everything – global warming, demoting Pluto, lowering cancer rates. She is also responsible for the strategic planning and oversight of SAGindie, including administration, sponsorship negotiations, national advertising campaigns, and SAGindie.org – the organization’s online resource for independent filmmakers. Darrien is the engine behind SAGindie, pushing it into being the best independent filmmaking resource EVER.

Darrien never has just one favorite movie – there are too many things to love. But here are the best of her high school years: The Terminator, Sixteen Candles, Star Wars V & VI, Flashdance, ET, 48 hrs, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Fame, and Purple Rain.

Seriously, which of these could you sacrifice? It’s like Sophie’s Choice. OH! Sophie’s Choice!!

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