Eno Georgette Inwek

Eno Georgette Inwek is an award winning Inspirational Speaker, Author and Humorist. In 2010, she had the honor of being a contributing author to the book, “Mastering the Art of Success” with legends like Les Brown and Jack Canfield.

Her work as a Host and Presenter opened up the opportunity for Eno to be featured on the series “Africa Laughs” on the Africa Channel, as one of Africa’s up and coming America-based comics. Once teased for her accent and status as an immigrant, Eno has found her voice and her work as a humorist has paved the way to a career as an Inspirational speaker. As Africa’s Ambassador of Possibility, Eno, makes a positive impact in the field of Personal Development in peoples’ lives daily. She works closely with diverse groups and organizations in helping people overcome life’s obstacles.

 Eno conducts workshops and seminars, where she uses her quick wit, satire and charm to disarm her audience as she challenges them to push past the limits set for them by society, culture or stereotypes. She teaches and encourages one to live an unapologetic and enthusiastic life.

Her mission is to use the power of stories to inspire others to transcend adversity and find their own unique voice to embrace infinite possibilities that await each and every one of us.