Film Projects You Need To Know About: Yemi’s Dilemma, Reghost and Black Licorice

Yemi's Dilemma Poster

July 11, 2016

Several African Artists’ Association members are currently involved in fundraising campaigns for three short films. Getting money to make a film of any length is often a daunting and challenging task, and more likely than not, people who would typically contribute to a project don’t because such projects are not on their radar. On the flip side, those who are aware of such projects but are unable to make a financial contribution assume that there aren’t other ways to help. However, doing something as simple as LIKING the crowdfunding page can actually move the needle and expose the page to an even larger audience.

Wanjiru Njendu

Kenyan writer-director Wanjiru Njendu will direct ‘Reghost’ and ‘Black Licorice’

Writer-directors Wanjiru Njendu from Kenya and Sade Oyinade from Nigeria are finding innovative ways to approach their crowdfunding campaigns.


Former African Artists’ Association board member Wanjiru Njendu is raising money for two films on one campaign with an aim to maximize the funds to shoot both over an 8 day period.

Tongayi Chirisa

Tongayi Chirisa is slated to star in ‘Reghost’

Developed by Njendu, ‘Reghost’ is a comedy horror about two best friends who have to depend on each other in order to survive a zombie apocalypse. When Johnny gets bitten and is on the verge of turning into a zombie, Andrew, a genetic engineer, is in a race against time to come up with a cure. The film will feature Tongayi Chirisa in the lead role of Andrew the genetic Engineer.

How you can support ‘Reghost’
Visit their Facebook page for specific details on what to do:


Actress Rati Mambo

Zimbabwean actress Rati Mambo is slated to star in ‘Black Licorice’

Written by Wanjiru Njendu, ‘Black Licorice’ is also a comedy about Jordan, a struggling actress trying to catch her big break while working as a bank teller who crosses paths with an out-of-work writer struggling with a crowfunding campaign for his feature. The film will star Rati Mambo in the lead role of Jordan beside up-and-coming actor Emerson Gregori slated to play Eric.

How you can support ‘Black Licorice’:
Visit their Facebook page for specific details on what to do:


Sade Oyinade

Nigerian-American director Sade Oyinade is slated to direct ‘Yemi’s Dilemma’

Written and directed by Sade Oyinade, ‘Yemi’s Dilemma’ is about three sisters who are first generation Nigerian-Americans with traditional parents who expect each of them to marry a Nigerian man. The eldest sister, Yemi, goes against the grain and makes a choice that ultimately tears the family apart. Attached to the project are award winning actress Sheryl Lee Ralph as well as ex-footballer and host of TV show ‘American Ninja Warrior,’ Akbar Gbajabiamila.

Oyinade, a long-time producer on the hit TV-One show ‘Unsung,’ has partnered with Cinefemme, a non-profit organization which supports female filmmakers. The added benefit of working with this fiscal sponsor is that all donations to the project become tax deductible.  That’s right, you get to write off your donations to ‘Yemi’s Dilemma’ on your next tax return!

Sheryl Lee Ralph

Award-winning actress Sheryl Lee Ralph to star in ‘Yemi’s Dilemma.’

How you can support ‘Yemi’s Dilemma’
Visit their Facebook page for specific details on what to do:




Author: Constance Ejuma is an award-winning actress and producer. She’s also a current member of The3As board and spearheaded the launch of this site’s blog. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.