Oghenekaro Itene

Oghenekaro Itene - actress, producer
Oghenekaro Itene is a known and profound actress, philanthropist, and humanitarian who was born in Benin City, in the town of Edo State in Southern Nigeria to an accountant father  and a mother who was an agriculturist and fashion designer. Oghenekaro was one of six children and at an early age, her parents discovered her incredible acting abilities, which led to her joining her school Drama club at the age of 8. Her parents supported her passion for acting but also valued education, so she attend the University of Benin where she graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Biology. After graduating, she made her way back to doing what she loved the most which is acting.

Oghenekaro made her first acting debut in Nigeria in 2013 in a feature film called Shattered Mirror. She is also known for her leading roles in Africa in various feature films and TV Series such as Lincoln’s Clan,  a Pan-African drama series, Glass House, The Prodigal, Esohe, MNET Africa series, Tinsel, and so forth. Her talent led her to become the brand ambassador for the African Cinematography Festival alongside Ramsey Noah in 2017. In 2018, Oghenekaro brought her talents to Hollywood where she filmed her first Hollywood feature film titled Chase and a TV Series called The Sanctuary.

Well known for her charitable work, Ogehenekaro has been honored as a philanthropist and humanitarian. For many years she has volunteered and served those who are in need within her community, outside of her community, people who are in refugee camps, and so forth. She believes that giving back to those who are in need is a priority. She is a part of various charity organizations all around Africa (Nigeria, Chad, Ghana, and South Africa). Through her humanitarian/philanthropist work and her acting career, she was honored to become the brand ambassador of the HAPAWARDS in Hollywood, California in 2018. Keep looking out for Oghenekaro Itene as there is more to come from her, as she states, “I am a dreamer, achiever and believer in miracles.”