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The African Artists’ Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Hollywood, California. We are a globally diverse, international talent pool of business minded artists and industry professionals from a broad spectrum of disciplines, including actors, producers, filmmakers, writers, dancers, singers, models, photographers and musicians; post-production specialists, art department, entertainment business and legal professionals who are supportive of the mission of the organization.

Mission Statement

The mission of the African Artists’ Association is to inspire and facilitate the meaningful creation, dissemination and progression of images and artistic cultural representation of people of African Heritage and the African Diaspora. Our organization is committed to providing empowering information, educational tools, an invaluable database and a contact point for artists affiliated to the African Diaspora, located here in Hollywood and globally.


  1. To maintain a professional resource database that would allow 3As members access to synergistic, creative, professional connections with fellow artists, relevant companies and organizations.
  2. Encourage and support innovative and inclusive forms of artistic expression. Including those with outreach into the broader African Diaspora and wherever internationally relevant.
  3. Provide monthly guest speaker seminars and/or workshop presentations to empower our members to move forward within their fields of activity, while broadening their knowledge and insight of their business.
  4. Present opportunities for 3As members to expand their areas of focus, or find the right collaborative opportunities through local and global networking.
  5. Provide an accessible monthly community forum for our members.
  6. Provide a safe space community to nurture and support new, emerging or established African Diaspora talent and our specific needs.
  7. To actively promote dialogue, creative ideas, synergy and creative opportunities between Artists from the African Diaspora and other global creatives – irrespective of creed, color, race, gender, sexual orientation or political affiliation.
  8. The 3As will provide an accessible, progressive conduit between African Diaspora Artists and the global business community.
  9. Support and where possible facilitate screenings and productions that support our mission statement.

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